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Benefits Of Molecular Sieve Packets

Posted by Admin on April, 01, 2020

Substance which is used for removing water or humidity from liquids and gases are known as desiccants. Molecular Sieve Packets are the most effective desiccants to remove gases and other humidity from products. They are considered to be the most effective packing materials and it also helps to be ideal absorbent. These sieves have small and uniform pores which help in making them ideal adsorbents. When substance having some liquid molecules are packed in molecule sieve water molecules are caught and retained in the pores and making the product in the original state.


Molecular sieve packets are used in variety of packing materials such as:

• Pharmaceutical
• Electronics
• Agriculture
• Stationery
• Food
• Clothing
• Optical Instruments
• Medical devices

There are lots of manufacturers who are producing highly efficient molecular sieve to adsorb the water from range of liquids and gases.

Advantages of Molecular Sieve:

There are advantages of Molecular Sieve packets which may be useful for packing industry.

• Easily Removal – The uniform pores make it remove molecules easily.
• High removal efficiency – The large amount of pores enables high capacity.
• Usability- Reusability is possible for such molecule sieve packets

Some of the uses of molecular sieves are-

• Molecule sieves can be used for removal of water from LNG. It can be used to remove moisture from air. It is also used to remove acid gases such carbon dioxide. It is often used to remove hydrocarbons. It is also highly contaminated resistance having high strength for crushing. They give Extra life to the product.

• Molecule Sieves are excellent useful for performing moisture absorbent. However such molecule sieves should be kept away from dust particles as they will make irritation and respiratory problems. There are different types of molecule sieves available in the market as 3A molecule sieve, 4A molecule sieve etc. Molecule sieve adsorbent is structured in such a manner that it adsorbs water and other gaseous molecules.

• Molecule Sieves Packets are also used in Petroleum industry for drying of light ends. Molecule Sieves are used for purifying various catalytic programs such as alkalization etc. Molecule sieves packets are also used for gas dehydration. It is widely used in ethanol production plants for large scale removal of water. It also keeps bad odors, mold, and micro-organisms. Since it is most aggressive desiccants makes it costlier than its substitutes.

• Some Pharmaceutical companies make use of molecule sieves packets to protect drugs and antibiotics from humidity. They kept the antibiotics and drugs safe from transportation and warehousing stages of the distributing cycle.

• Molecule sieve packets are also used in museums to protect precious artwork from the adverse effects of moisture and humidity. The right molecule sieve packets will keep the humidity to as low as 10%.

• These molecule sieves packets are unique desiccants that are different from silica gel. These materials are produced of highly porous crystalline substance with accurate diameter to adsorb liquid and various gases.

Thus, there are lot of suppliers and manufacturer available online and while ordering for such molecule sieves packets online abovementioned tips to keep in mind while buying. Thus if you are selling drugs and antibiotics make sure you purchase genuine and standard products from the right buyer.

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