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VA Pharma Pack not only offers single desiccant products but also develops complete moisture control solutions based on the industry, product, and packaging of the customer. We consider the best kind of absorbent to use according to industry standards and customer needs.

Our technical department tests, analyses, and calculates product packaging to select the right type and amount of absorbing agent for you. We offer dispensing machines, customized containers, and humidity indicators as extra tools in maintaining humidity levels, and we run a number of experiments to ensure our moisture control solution satisfies your needs.

Solution Making Process
[1] First we determine the customer’s needs. If the product is metal, it may rust easily. If food, it could spoil or go stale. Clothes may grow mildewed in storage. Depending on the product, we will choose an absorbent that will directly address the problems of the industry.

[2] Then we collect data on the material and air permeability of the packaging film of our customer’s products, the packaging and product volume (for calculating air content in the package), requirements for shelf life and average humidity of the customer’s packing workshop. If a chemical product, we need to know the chemical makeup.

[3] Based on all of the gathered data, we calculate an effective amount of sorbents to use within packaging.

[4] Next we consider the packaging of the desiccant. If the product needs to be food grate, anti-static, anti-dust, or fiberless, we will choose the appropriate material that works in combination with the desiccant for the best moisture control results..

[5] Finally, we run experimental tests and offer samples to customers, so they too can test them. Once the customer is satisfied, we begin mass production of the moisture control solution.